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12 reasons to use BC shampoos, conditioners, masks and ampoules!

During year we have 12 reasons to take care of our hair. The nature through its 4 seasons can damage but also it reward us with natural elements for cosmetics products that recover the shine and hair malleability. Only to combine them properly to live harmoniously with both side of this coin.

Directly nature is responsible to give us vegetable oils, extracts glycolic* or dry from the entire plant, indirectly it give us with active elements that have been extracted from the plants and modified to maximize the benefits under the skin and hair.

It is known that in the summer and springs the hair suffers a lot due to the sun exposition, Wind, chlorine in the pool and salt in the sea. In the winter we use to take hotter shower and the high temperature of water takes off the oil in the scalp that has the function of natural protection and lubrification. The autum has the dry time that increase the polution and promotes the hair without life due to the pollutant particles accumulation. There are others hair treatments that promote sensitized hair as hair dye, straightening and others

Concious of the constant cares with the hair. the BC has searched about moisturizing, nourishment, reconstruction of hair fiber, has fetched in the aromatherapy the support to harmonize the best scents. It has extracted from the nature everything it can provide of best to to leave the hair soft, shining during 365 days in the year in all seasons

12 reasons to use the shampoos, conditioners, masks and ampoules from BC

  1. Professional products with natural elements in your composition;
  2. Biodegradable products;
  3. Products without surfactants without petrolatum and animal derivatives;
  4. high performance troubleshooting capillaries;
  5. Packaging recyclable to reduce environmental impact;
  6. Inspiration in brazilian flora and highly recognized internationally in the field of cosmetics;
  7. Products that care for and treat at the same time to maintain the health of the wires;
  8. Concern for the welfare of the user, providing videos to assist in the handling of the product;
  9. quick and easy Application, for day to day who has no time to lose;
  10. Ease of acquisition, by means of reliable and safe site;
  11. Reusable Bags, with bold design and current;
  12. cost and benefit for those who take care of the beauty of the hair.

** (liquid extract obtained from the extraction process of natural raw materials – plants, herbs in a solvent).