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Frequently Asked Questions – BC


1-If I use the brush that belongs someone else that have dandruff, can I have it too?

No, The dandruff is a genetic fator, emotional or caused by chemical products used on
the hair scalp. You can not take dandruff from someone else

2- The dandruff gets worse in the winter?

Yes, in the winter the dandruff can be increased

3- The dandruff means dirty hair?

The dandruff is an inflamation of the scalp that can be caused by excessive oiliness Do
not wash the hair for a long time is not good and can occur occasionaly the appearance
of dandruff.

Curly hair

1- Curly hair tend to get drier?

Yes, due to the spiral shape that hampers the natural oil on the tips

2- Curly hair should be combed wet?

Yes, the ideal is to comb curly hair during the shower, after applying the conditioner
and to comb with a comb with loose bristles or with the fingers. Do not comb after dry.

Wet Hair

1- tie wet hair is bad?

Yes, keep tied wet hair for a long time avoids the ventilation and makes the hair
sensitized and weak.

2- Sleeping with wet hair is bad?

It is not bad for the hair, but it can promotes damages on the scalp ocasionaly as fungi


1- Shampoos sulfatfree clean well the hair?

Yes, they clean up well and are less agressives to the hair.

2 – Shampoos with sulfates damage the hair?

Yes, the quantity of sulfates can dry the hair and the scalp. It makes the glands
produce more oil to equalize the oil on the scalp and can create excessive oiliness. A
vicious cicle. Shampoos without sulfates are more healthy to the hair and scalp.

3 – Is there shampoos salt free?

No, There is shampoos with less or more sulfates

4- Can I use deep cleansing shampoo frequently?

No, the deep cleansing shampoo has an alcaline ph and it is for deep cleansing, only to
take off cosmetics resíduos or excess of mineral in the water. If it is used frequently
can dry the hair very much. Maximum 1 time in the week and minimum 1 time per
month. Always after using deep cleansing shampoo you should do a moisturizing on
the hair.

5- Puting birth control pill inside the shampoo helps the hair grow?

No. And it can change the shampoo composition and damages the hair.

6 – Using the same shampoo for a long time , weakens the hair?

No, it does not matter if use the same or change it. What happens is that the necessity
of your hair can change and the same shampoo may not produce the same result.


1- Can I leave some conditioner on the hair?

The ideal is to take it off to not let waste, mainly if you are going to use a leave-in or
another finishing product. But if you are not going to use anything, there is no problem
to allow a little, but do not leave the hair full of conditioner

2- Is it necessary to use conditioner after using mask?

Only if the Conditioner PH is less than the mask.

3- Can I substitute the conditioner by the mask?

Yes, you can. It it better if the mask has a Lower PH and without mineral oil or liquid

4-The petrolatum ( mineral oil, liquid parafine) presentes in the mask formulations and
conditioners can damage the hair fiber?

Yes, They can. They have no function on the treatment. They only make up the hair
and accumulate on it. Some studies are proving that petrolatuns can damage the

Using mask

1 – Expensive masks have more quality?

Not always – There are expensive masks that have poor compositions. Then, do not
guide yoursefl by the price only, but by the formulation and its elements.

2- Do the Commercial masks act in the same way as professionals?

The professional masks may have more concentration of elements than commercial
ones. However, we cannot generalize. There are good commercial masks and bad
professional masks as well. we can find good commercial masks for moisturizing. In
case of a good nourishment or reconstruction, professional are more adviced.

3 – Can I apply the mask on the hair root?

On oily root hair this is not recomendable, but , in case of dry hair, there is no problem,
just wash well the root.

1- Pregnancy can cause hair fall?
Yes, pregnancy and after birth, in two fases some changes happen abruptly in the
hormones that can promotes the fall. But this is no reason for worry

2- Do the Hair change in the pregnancy?
Yes, any hormonal changing can cause hair changing. Some people can present
a curly hair after pregnancy and some people can have it more straight.

Tied hair
1- Metal barrettes can damage the hair
Yes, metal barrettes, ponytail holder , headbands, elastics that have metal can break
the hair easily

2 – tie up the hair tight with elastics or braids near the root can cause fall?
Yes, very tight and near the root more probability of fall

Hair washing

1 – Wash the hair dairy can damage it?
No, there is no problem in washing the hair every day. who has oily hair it is necessary
to avoid a oiliness worsening.
The hair should be washed 3 times a week, dust, polution ,creams, sweat, they grab in
the hair fiber and must be removed to no promote oil in excesso, dandruff and fall

2 – Wash the hair with very hot water can damage the hair?
Yes, the hot water opens the cuticles and the hair reflects less light, making the hair
more opaque and mainly to the people that have oily hair, the hot water stimulates the
oiliness of scalp

3- The hair gets more shining when washed with cold water?
Yes, cold water close the cuticles helping to reflect more light and increasing the shine

4 – Washing the hair during menstrual period is bad?
No, this is a mith

5 – Washing the hair with coconut soap make it brighter?
No, the coconut soap is ordinary and alcaline,it opens the cuticles and leave the hair
drier and without shine
Hair cut

1- cut short hair causes it to grow thicker and with volume?
No, the hair cut does not interfere in the hair properties. The hair will continue
as before

2-Cutting the hair frequently causes fast growing?
No, the hair growing is related to root and not with the tips

3- Cutting the tips may increase the hair strength?

No, the hair strength come from the root, vitamines, minerals swallowed or layed in
the scalp, what means, feeding is the principal cause of hair health

Hair growing

1-The hair can grow faster in different parts of the head?
Yes, it can happen

2 – Supplements help the hair growing?
Yes, suplements with vitamines and specific mineral can help hair growing. But is
importat be indicated by a doctor.


1- Coloring usually can promote fall?
Every chemical treatment usually can cause fall, the hair gets very sensible. The ideal is
to respect a time of one month between the other coloring process.

2-Making hair smoothing treatment frequently increase the hair fall?
No, the hair smoothing treatment is not applied on the scalp. Maybe the professional
can make a mistake during the processo or not rinse it very well. So, it can damage the
hair due to chemical, but not cause the fall.

3-Wearing cap increases hair fall?
Yes, the cap muffles the hair and the scalp cannot breath promoting oiliness and it
causing a fall increase. It is good to avoid using cap more than 4 hours continuous.
Caps with fabric or dryfit are more indicated for people that like to wear it for a long

4-Radical diets can promotes hair fall?
Yes. Extreme diets cause nutrient deficiencies that can lead to hair fall

5- Stress can cause hair fall?

Yes, absolutely, emotional facts affect all the organism, including hair health

Oily Hair

1- Sea water is good for oily hair?
In a short time yes, sea water drys the hair. In a médium or long time it can
damage all kind of hair.

2 – The continous use of hair cream can leave the hair oily?
Depends on the way it is used. If it is used on the scalp, yes

Other 12 Doubts:

1-What is the best type of comb to the wires?

The wooden-toothed Combs are most suitable, it does not cause frizz like plastics.

2-dryers, curling iron, flat irons, are harmful to the wires?

Yes, if used in excess, and very close to the root, can cause  fall, excess
heat dehydrates the wires. Always use a thermal protector before.

3-Do highlights break the hair?

No, what can increase the breaking hair, is bleaching the hair with short time
intervals, because the hair is very sensitive. In addition to the lack of care as hydration,
nutrition and reconstruction of the wires.

4-excessive brushing damage  the wires?

Yes, brushing the hair in excess leave the wires damaged due to
excessive friction. So that brush 100 times a night to shine, is pure myth.

5-the clay helps in the treatment of the hair?

Yes, because it works as a natural deep cleansing shampoo, making a deep
cleaning, and balancing the greasiness of the scalp, and favoring the hair growth yet.

6-Can you do all day hydration?

Yes, there's no problem in moisturize your hair daily. And if you can switch your
masks, better yet, because it diversifies the nutrients.

7-oils finalizers treat the wires?

No. The name implies. They only serve to end
a brush, a haircut, etc. They contains silicones, and make just one final makeup.

8-lower pH Products are better for your hair?

Yes, especially for hair with chemicals. Because they balance the pH of hair
fiber, porosity, and improving the brightness.

9-is there a treatment for split ends?

No. The only treatment for split ends is the scissors. Some products only "seal" the
tips, making them more together for some time, and giving the impression that the split ends gone.

10-All natural product is chemical free?

No. Are considered to be natural products, those that have a higher percentage of natural assets, but that doesn't mean that they don't contain harmful chemical. Not to be confused with organic natural.

11-Silicones are bad for wires?

If they are water insoluble silicones, Yes.

12-scalp massage helps in the growth of the wires?

Yes, very much so. The scalp massage stimulates the hair follicles, and consequently
the growth of wires.