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Know The Beleza Contemporânea

The Beleza Contemporanea has innovated and has especialized in finding out the hair beauty secrets. Inspired by brazilian flora with its aromatics plants and herbs and its effects that increase the shine, malleability and softness, has
created five lines, denominated: Nutritive, Rescue, Pro Protein, Intense Smooth Keratin and Intense Smooth daily use

Keeping its identity still preserves the Greek Mythology Godess simbology, Afrodite in the roman mythology, known as Venus, that representes the love, the sex and the greek obsession for ideal and supreme beauty.

The five lines from Beleza Contemporanea has searched inside the humanity history to demonstrate as the human beings always take care of the beauty andhow they have used it as socialization elemento, therefore inside of each bottle or pot there is a solution for any kind of hair problem.